This has been a crazy month for me, but it’s also been full of a lot of fun and exciting changes!

I recently joined the Cookpad MENA team in Lebanon. I was understandably a bit nervous going into my first few weeks at my new position, but Cookpad crew have been amazingly helpful in easing me into my new life here.

As part of the on-boarding process I got to go to Tokyo, site of the Cookpad HQ office! The team here in Japan was extremely friendly and helpful.

It’s only been a bit less than a month since I started at Cookpad and I couldn’t be happier! Among the many cool things we get to do here are the code challenges; they’re optional, but they’re an excellent way to get familiar with my colleagues. The point of these exercises is not only to train yourself to become a better coder, but to learn how to keep your team sharp and motivated through the lifespan of a project.

It also never hurts getting super helpful feedback on my code from the world-class team here at Cookpad! The team helped me understand how crucial it is to pay attention to even the tiniest details in my work (and how failing to do so can lead to one buggy mess after another)! After all, the one skill that really separates the great programmer from the bad is attention to detail.

Here are a few Ruby tips I learned reading the PR previews and comments from my colleagues:

I hope you found some of these Ruby tips helpful! Like any language, you’ll learn more the more you write, so keep at it.

Thanks a million to my friends and colleagues at Cookpad for the continued support and good times!